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is not a word that we use lightly, but with sincerity. AIS is a web hosting and design company that is able to supply a cornucopia of web needs including, but not limited to, software development, custom web design, and template websites. All of our hosted websites get access to MySQL Databases with a host of other accessories that is needed with every website. We want to become your IT department for your computer needs. We will be your one stop shop to handle whatever is needed by our clients in the way of Computers, Internet Services, and Programming Services. We aim to provide a superior web presence at an economical price. We hope that you enjoy browsing our site and find that we are just what you've been searching for.


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Products on this site:

Items that we offer to our clients.

  • Complete custom web site design
  • Complete Web Hosting and Domain processing
  • Merchant setup of site and database
  • Custom E-Commerce database programming
  • Create custom software needed by our clients
  • Setup clients networks on their location
  • All levels of programming
  • Complete Search Engine setup and access to your site
  • Custom Banner Adds


Security Camera's

The need for security around our businesses and homes are getting more prevalent than ever. With all the crime that are going on in this world everyday, we are going to have to step up security around any place that others come. This product will do just that! These systems are of the highest quality that we could find in today's market. EZWatch Store They are completely installable by the individual and come complete with all hardware and software needed to function well. Click the link to EZWatch and see what is being talked about. We are able to give complete estimates for this product and install any equipment that is needed in the counties around Atlanta, Georgia.














What makes a Quality Web Site

We code each site by hand to have total control over the end product. We never use fourth generation packages to create Custom Web Sites like Frontpage or Dreamwaver as a stand alone code generator. All sites are created by using HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. The main reason is to create the fastest loading sites possible.


Just creating a Quality Web Site is only part of the job

We code each site with a complete set of META tags so that when you purchase the search engine process you get the complete benefit from that purchase. With this and many other type of options that can be purchased from our storefront, under the "Hosting & Domain" menu option above, while this is very important it is only one of the many other processes that will aid you in bringing traffic to your web site through the Internet.


Disaster Recovery Setup and Consulting

For all businesses and individuals using either a paper office or a computerized office, the following question needs to be answered. "How would I recover if disaster hit my company with the loss of my files and/or data?" We can help you set up your disaster recovery procedures and evaluate what needs to be done before disaster hits. Just go to our Contact Us page by clicking this link and we will define for you what needs to be done for your company's disaster recovery.



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