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"Designing Systems with the USER in mind"

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We can create any graphic that you would like for your site or for any other reason that you may need them. Here are some examples of the graphics that has been created. Click this LINK.


Banner Ads:

We will create whatever banner ad you would want for your advertising on other sites. Here are some to pick from, but we can create whatever you might need. Click this LINK.



Create the highest Quality for our Clients 





Create the highest Quality for our Clients


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What comes in our sites:
  Example Web Sites:


You will receive a five page website coded by a programmer. We do not use products like FrontPage or Dream Weaver. We create sites to be the fastest executing that is humanly possible with the least amount of HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript code.


  • The first three pages are yours to put what information is needed for your site. The information will come from you and we will set the site up with that data. This data can include words and graphics.

  • The fourth page is for the information you need from the visitor of your site. This is called the "Contact Us" page. This is setup as a form with whatever data you would like from your visitors. This information will come to you in email an format.

  • The fifth page is for the information that you wish to share about your company and its organization.


This will be your entire site. Of course, any thing can be created for you, this is only the basic site. We can create any size needed by our customers. Nevertheless, wait and see what you will get for your money.



These Designs are to show you an example of what can be created. To see these designs use the drop down menu under the Web Design menu, and select from examples 1 through 12. Just remember that these are only examples - we will create a top quality web presence just for you. All the color schemes can change if you desire. The idea is to put your information into whatever setting you desire to have for your website. So go on and take your time to look at these examples. Then use the Contact Us form, and we can get to work for you.

Ask yourself the following questions: The last process:

The Web Site

  • How do I want my company to be portrayed in this web site?
  • What will my customers look for in this type of business?
  • Do I want Graphic or just a Color Scheme?


As Graphic and Web Site Designs, we can create whatever needs to be created. We specialize in taking your ideas and putting them into a personal Website design just for you. We will take the commentary that you have and express them in a website designed around those words and the type of business concept that is right for you.



either pick from these examples or let us create a design around your needs. After you have looked at all of the examples, use the Contact Us form and we can get started on what type of image you wish to have on the Internet.



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