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"Designing Systems with the USER in mind"

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We provide:                 David O. York
  • Web Hosting:

    Economically providing an avenue onto the Internet.

  • Web Design:

    Client's sites will have a high impact because we will use: HTML, DHTML, XHMTL, CSS, and/or JavaScript. The reason for this is simple; we will write very compact code to create an custom design websites by hand writing the code for each web site in building the user interface to the customer's needs and specification.

  • Graphics:

    Commanding graphics that can turn the casual browser into your customer.

  • Software Development:

    Custom programming that will help you develop the technical standard that you desire.


Keys to Success:

Choosing a company to do business with in the information age can be like trying to select the perfect grain of sand on the beach. Therefore, our focus will be on:

  • Quality:

    Innovative technology providing web sites that will have a powerful first impact that will turn the casual browser into a buyer.
  • Cost:

    The bottom line is of utmost concern in the minds of our clients. We will cut costs by using top senior students and recent graduates from the best Universities. With a wealth of young bright minds that are eager to start their technological careers armed with the latest tools of technology, our clients will receive the best for less.
  • Service:

    Doing whatever it takes to make our clients look their very best on the Internet. Whether a project is a client's first venture on the Internet or a seasoned Internet entrepreneur, we will customize our service to their needs.




Company Organization is the company's Web storefront for Alpha Intelligent Systems, and the content will focus on providing relevant services to the potential customer's for the Web Hosting and Design community. This storefront will provide complete access to everything that is needed to allow our clients to set themselves up with all items needed to have a high quality web presence. The web templates and custom design websites available will fulfill their complete design and hosting needs. will have a fast loading, extremely user-friendly interface (UI) to encourage users to browse and click through as many pages on the site as possible. The UI will be able to display all options to the clients to create their web strategy. This UI will appeal to the client as it will to appeal to the audience, as it is simple and clean.

The company's storefront of will provide a marketplace for relevant services to people interested in Web Hosting and Design across the United States and throughout the Internet world. The key to the Web strategy is to arrange the information in such a way as to make sure that each user can find all information that is applicable to them.


Company Ownership

Alpha Intelligent Systems began debuted in October 2003; the company is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) operating out of Atlanta, Georgia. Our purpose is to make our clients look their best for less by creating web sites that will turn the casual browser into a buyer.


We are able to accomplish this by using senior students and recent graduates from all Universities. These students are the cream of the crop and have the latest in technological training. Furthermore, they are eager to start their careers and Alpha Intelligent Systems is offering them their first opportunities. The students/graduates will be working under the auspices of the President and CEO, David O. York, who has had a career in computers spanning over twenty-five years.


Our goal

To combine innovative technology with old-fashioned personal services so this company can become the IT Department that is needed by every company trying to do business in the current world marketplace. Our clients will have a top-notch web site and the confidence that comes with having a highly trained technical staff as part of their team. We can provide any services that will be needed by our clients to enhance whatever product they are giving to their clients.


Alpha Intelligent Systems has seen how the market boomed in the late 1980's and 1990's. As the Internet was a new force in the economy like in the days during the gold rush, there was considerable price gouging for the unsuspecting consumer. In today's world, we are dealing with a more computer savvy clientele. Our niche in the marketplace will be our integrity. With a promise of the best for less, we will offer the same economical prices to our large corporate clients, as we will with our growing clients. All along offering the same high quality for their end-product and the services that will become the standard of the industry.




The Corporations will no longer have to pay inflated prices because of their size. Whether major corporations, government, or any other size company we will give the very best to all of our customers. We will look forward to any corporations allowing us to prove these concepts to them.

We are looking for small to medium sized businesses that could benefit from our services. We appreciate the small to medium sized businesses that employ most of America's workforce and very often do not get the financial breaks that are often reserved for major corporations. Our prices will benefit all companies alike. We will look forward to any company allowing us to prove these concepts to them.




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